March 25, 2016

Our Story

Lancero Consulting was established out of the need to genuinely help small businesses succeed and at the same time help the less privileged in the Philippines. The idea began long time ago but was crystallised in 2013 when Ken Lancero (the founder), attended the 1st ever Social Business Summit in Manila. From there he was inspired to turn the business idea to a philanthropic cause at the same time. Lancero Consulting was thereafter engaged to help a start up social enterprise called Bayani Brew who manufactures locally brewed beverages. Bayani Brew employs poor villagers and sources materials from poor farmers. This experienced inspired Ken even more to really turn this business into a social enterprise.

Our strategy is to employ highly qualified accounting professionals in the Philippines who came from state-run universities and from poor families. We believe that the poor are committed, hard-working and reliable. Our focus is to recruit leaders with Australian Outsourcing experience so we could provide high quality services to our clients. Our leaders engage smart accounting students from state universities and who also come from poor families. Our dream is to provide opportunities for these young students. Instead of working at a low paying fast food chain or other blue collar work, we employ them part time, paying them above minimum wage to help finance their studies, help their family and complete their accounting degree. At the same time they get advanced on the job training and a sure job as soon as they finish university.

We uphold strong moral and professional values and a genuine desire to help one another. With this, we believe we are building a strong team and wants everyone to give back and pay it forward. We help build a kinder world.

You can trust us.

Other_ESV_MG_3753_065Working in the accounting industry for over 10 years, a high calibre auditor and accountant, Ken has been exposed to a variety of businesses from large multinationals and listed companies, to small businesses and not for profit organisations. Ken’s passion is to help people and believed that outsourcing and cloud technology could provide high quality and affordable solutions to small business owners in Australia. Click here for Ken’s Linkedin Account and Facebook Account.

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