March 25, 2016

Bookkeeping and Accounting

calculator-385506_640Is bookkeeping giving you an added headache? Wondering where your cash has gone? Always overspending? Couldn’t work out a budget?

Financial records messy and not up to date? BAS returns late? Couldn’t find a reliable accountant or too costly?

Bookkeeper overcharging and couldn’t see their value??? Well stop the never-ending cycle!!!

We have the solution for you!!!

We provide high quality and accurate outsourced bookkeeping service. This service includes the following:

– Bank and Ledger Reconciliations
– Receivable and Payable Management
– Payroll
– Xero Subscription
– BAS, PAYG, Payroll Tax, FBT and Tax Returns
– Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements

We know how hard it is to run a business! Let alone deal with the daily operational issues, management and administration. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stir away from hiring an in-house accountant or an expensive bookkeeper to keep your finances on track? What if you could sit back knowing that someone is managing your daily finances timely, affordably and accurately, and advising you how to improve cash flow and address financial issues?

How it Works?
– We set up your bank feeds so your bank transactions feed directly to Xero.
– You send us all your expense invoices and credit card invoices (or save it in dropbox or google drive), and we will set up the payments for you.
– You send us your employee timesheets/leave data and we will generate the payslips and leave reports.
– You tell us any other transactions outside of the bank, such as accruals and we will record them.
– You can send sales invoices directly from your mobile app, or send us the data and we will generate them and email them for you. We can chase the payments as well if you wish us to do so.

Thats how easy and hassle free it is. Imagine how much time could be freed up outsourcing your bookkeeping to us!

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and speak to our friendly team!!!

Xero Logo

And yeah!!! We are also a Xero Certified Advisor!

But we are not exclusive! Although we prefer Xero, we also cater to all cloud accounting platforms like MYOB, Reckon, Intuit etc.


Go on! Send the email or make that call that will change your business and free up your time!